bird bath pictures and video

we have a bird bath in our backyard.
we bought ourselves a browning dark ops trail camera.
pointed it at our bird bath
and these pictures and videos are the result.

test web album 1

test web album 2

a listing of all of the videos so far

a few notes... the trail camera takes 10 second videos.
i have taken these 10 second videos and combined them, every few days.
one minute of video is roughly 30MB in size, implying 5MB for each 10 seconds.
so divide the file size by 5 and then multiply by 10 to approximate how many seconds each clip is.
the videos labeled "sun" do not have birds in them, just the sun reflecting, in odd ways, off the bird bath.
also, it would be better to right click a link and download the file and view it from your device, rather than trying
to stream it. broadband is nice but it ain't that fast.
anyway, enjoy!


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thanks, and may peace doggedly follow you.

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